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Nita Trevor

Nita is an artist with the Artstop SRS Open Studios. She is a prolific and talented artist of great enthusiasm, who specialises in delightful scenic watercolour works.

Ten years ago Nita suffered a severe burn injury and spent time at the Alfred Hospital recovering. Nita was an A-class art student at school, however, it was during her hospital stay that she participated in art therapy classes and reignited her passion for the arts.

“My first picture was of an angel. It took the pain away and I’ve never looked back.”

At times of loneliness when revisiting childhood trauma, Nita has courageously turned to her art making as a healing process.

Nita has exhibited her works at the Richmond Uniting Church and Skin Gallery.

Early Morning Mist Artwork by Nita Trevor
Pink Lake Perth Artwork by Nita Trevor