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MIFF Talks - Disability and Cinema – Beyond Representation

At AAV, we are honoured The Other Film Festival co-presented this important disability-led discussion with Melbourne International Film Festival, VCA Screening Ideas and 5stream.

Thank-you also to all the panellists, including Alistair Baldwin, Paul Barakat, Chris Bunton, Tracey Corbin-Matchett, Caroline Bowditch (AAV’s CEO) and facilitator Fiona Tuomy (Artistic Director – The Other Film Festival).

AAV is committed to developing disabled artists as screen practitioners and performers. We look forward to forging further collaborations and supporting the development of new and innovative projects to make this cultural shift a long-lasting reality.

‘The biggest shift in “disability-led storytelling” is not falling into ableist tropes and stereotypes, we’re more interested in telling the stories we’re in,’ said our CEO, Caroline Bowditch.

Missed out? You can still watch the session here.


Image: Alistair Baldwin, Paul Barakat, Caroline Bowditch, Chris Bunton, Tracey Corbin-Matchett and Fiona Tuomy. Photo by Gianluca Carretta.