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I am an Artist 2019 - a wrap-up

I am an Artist is a group-based professional development training and skill-sharing program. It builds confidence in the artist's business skills using creative practices.

Working in a non-judgmental environment, artists develop a language for collaborating with others and become aware of their patterns of behaviour. I am an Artist responds to the goals and interests of the participating artists. Based on this industry, professionals are invited to speak on topics of interest.

The program ran for the first time this year and received very positive feedback, with artists feeling more confident and prepared. Some comments from participating artists include:

- "[I am] clearer in my mind about what my arts practice is and how to describe this. [I am] clearer on my vision."

- "[The program] furthered my belief that I am an artist and that my strength in collaboration and networks are invaluable." 

- "I learnt a lot about different aspects of life as an artist."

I am an Artist ran for eight weeks. Presentations and opportunities for artists to work with each other occurred weekly. Participating artists felt the program was delivered by very well prepared presenters who put a lot of time and energy into the workshops.

I am an Artist will be running again next year. Stay tuned for updates on our website, social media and eNews.