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Beyond Access literature review

The Beyond Access literature review aims to identify any gaps in the research, policy and approaches to innovation and creative production in inclusive arts in Australia. 

The review examined Australian and international literature and trends in inclusive arts, and explores the way the literature presents and discusses:

  1. Key definitions and distinctions between terms such as ‘inclusive arts practice’, ‘arts and disability’, ‘disability arts’, and ‘artists with a disability’
  2. Historical social and academic approaches to disability and, specifically, to disability arts theory and practice
  3. Current British, American and Australian policies in the area of arts and disability context
  4. Current artistic practice of key companies and contemporary practitioners working in the field of arts and disability in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia

The Beyond Access Literature Review, compiled and written by Sarah Austin with assistance from Chris Brophy and Lisa Green, was produced as part of the Beyond Access research project 2014, an Arts Access Victoria initiative delivered in partnership with the University Melbourne and funded through an Innovation Grant from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

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