What is Raw Law about?

Raw Law - Your art. Your rights.

Raw Law explores the main legal issues for:

  • artists
  • musicians
  • writers
  • video and film makers
  • performers
  • other creative people who share their work in public

It is important to know about your legal rights if you are a creative person.

The aim of Raw Law is to provide accessible legal information for people who experience major barriers to participating in the arts, in particular:

  • artists with disabilities
  • artists who experience mental health issues
  • artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • artists from rural and remote communities
  • Indigenous artists
  • artists who are disadvantaged

Raw Law provides basic information on:

  • the importance of copyright and moral rights
  • how to protect the work you make
  • why you should get contracts in writing
  • where to go for legal advice
  • where to find more information

Raw Law in the media

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