SRS Studios participants and staff in front of Nebula, Arts Access Victoria’s fully accessible mobile art space, at the 2013 Melton Djerriwarrh Festival (Ephemeral Public Art Commission). Photo credit Paul Dunn.

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What do the SRS Studios offer?


Professional Arts Practice

Our studios are an opportunity for people from residential services to engage with art making in a professional studio environment with high quality materials and industry level tutelage and advice.

Process Driven

Our workshops focus on the process of art making – what it is to be an artist, what materials an artist may choose to work with and what ways an artist may choose to showcase their art. We offer a broad range of skills and techniques as well as different genres approaches and styles that participating artists can learn about.


Our studios offer people choice. Choice in how they make art, in what way they choose to make art and how they wish to develop as an artist. While in the studio, each participating artist is given a choice in how they participate, be it through

  • observation (watching other people make art)
  • hands on art making
  • refining established skills (many people come with existing skills they wish to build upon, rediscover and/or explore in the studio)
  • trying new skills/mediums
  • talking about their process and ideas
  • researching art practice by looking through books, journals and other resource materials for reference
  • researching art practice through seeing local exhibitions

We offer support to participating artists as well as encouraging their own independence and autonomy in decision making while making art.

Professional Pathways


Edwards Lodge SRS Studio, Artists in Unison exhibition opening launch at Skin Gallery. Left to right: Chris Arnold, Skin & Cancer Foundation Executive Director, Eden Thompson, AAV Arts Development Officer, Royce Clover Artist and Aliey Ball, Skin Gallery Curator. Photo credit Paul Dunn.

We strongly support the opportunity for participating artists to become leaders in the arts and have the following experiences on offer for this reason. We have structured these opportunities in a way that offers support as well as incremental challenges, should participating artists seek to pursue them:

  • Artists Talks (an opportunity for artists to present their works to the studio, discussing their process and ideas as a way of self reflecting and seeking critical feedback from the group. This is also an opportunity to develop confidence in presenting their artworks and ideas to an audience and public speaking)
  • Skills Share (an opportunity for artists to lead the studio in a workshop of their preferred technique. For example, a participating artist who has established strong skills and enthusiasm in printmaking might wish to run a workshop on print making for other participating artists to learn from. Skills shares can happen in the studio a participating artist regularly works in, or in another SRS studio that they visit)
  • Show case outcomes (an opportunity for artists to develop skills in showcasing artworks for public presentation. An artist might choose to exhibit their works solo, as a group exhibition or to collaborate with another artist, to select and curate the exhibition or to assist with publicity and promotion)

Art first


Artstop SRS Open Studio Artist Rebecca Bish, performing as part of Play Me I’m Yours, Melbourne Arts Centre 2014. Photo credit Paul Dunn.

Participation in our studios means participating in art making. We do not work from a model of art therapy, nor do we offer any kind of therapy. We are not interested in “curing disability”, we are interested in offering people an opportunity to engage in arts practice. 

Who Are We?

Participating Artists: Artists that participate in the SRS Studio workshops. The majority of participating artists are SRS residents. Other participating artists include visitors to the community facility that the studio operates from, for example visitors to The Olive Way Drop in Centre. Previous experience in arts practice is not a requirement for participating artists, and the SRS studios welcome people of all levels of art making whether a beginner or experienced artist.

Lead Artists: Artists employed by Arts Access Victoria that facilitate and lead the day to day running of SRS Studio workshops as well as long-term creative journey of professional development for participating artists. Lead Artists are professional, practising artists with industry experience as well as experience in facilitating workshops for people who experience disability and or mental health issues.

Support Artists: Artists employed by Arts Access Victoria that work alongside the Lead Artist to deliver the workshops. This includes providing individual support, as required, to participating artists under the direction of the Lead Artist as well as support the lead artist in the development and implementation of art practices and outcomes.

Our Studio Space


Artist Bill Griffiths, from Melton Willows SRS Studio, at work. Photo credit Leonie Van Eyk 2013.

Integral to the success of our workshops, our physical studio space prioritises:

  • high quality materials
  • light
  • safe OHS practices
  • accessible
  • comfortable
  • open and welcoming
  • secure
  • inclusive
  • room to move
  • an adjacent comfortable, safe space for people to have a break
  • obvious entry and exit

Our Studio Rules

In order to have a productive, supportive and enjoyable workspace environment, we have the following rules in place:

  • respect materials
  • work safely
  • respect each other’s space
  • no hugging – just handshakes to greet

The SRS Studios Program is supported by funding from the Australian and Victorian Governments under the HACC program.

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