Access Checklists

Below you’ll find a collection of practical checklists and information sheets for arts and cultural organisations to assist in improving access and developing audiences.

It is highly recommended that a professional access consultant be used if you are making any structural or major building changes.

Some people have experienced difficulty with the downloads below. If this is the case, please visit Arts Access Australia’s Website while we try to fix the download problem.

Disability Awareness

This is an information sheet providing basic information on disability and disability definitions in Australia. This sheet answers questions such as “how is a disability defined?”, and “what is the prevalence of disability in Australia?”.¬† This is a useful resource for staff training and induction. View information online or download the PDF below -

Disability Media Info

This information sheet will help you understand the way disability media is created in Australia, how to develop a disability media contact list and appropriate ways to submit material to get your event or organisation publicised amongst the disability community.

Arts Access Victoria can also help get your event or organisation into disability media or promote it through the disability community.

Exhibition Design

This checklist is designed to assist galleries, museums and exhibition spaces in putting on exhibitions that are accessible to all members of the disability community. This checklist can be used to evaluate the access of a pre-exisiting exhibition or as a guide to help prepare a new exhibition.

Arts Access Victoria can assist and provide you with information and further resources for the development of accessible exhibitions.

Marketing to the Disability Community

The disability community have some discrete access needs in relation to marketing and publicity material. This checklist will help you ensure that you have met these needs and will provide suggestions on ways to further promote material to the disability sector.

Arts Access Victoria can provide further advice on marketing to the disability community and can help you promote an event or service.

Print & Publication

These simple guidelines will help you to understand the access needs of people with disabilities in relation to printed material. These can be used in conjunction with the marketing checklist to help ensure full accessibility. We suggest that these guidelines are also provided to any designers that your organisation works with to help them understand the needs of people with disabilities.

Ticketing & Seating

This checklist is designed for performing arts companies and venues to help assist in providing accessible spaces, seating and ticketing. This checklist can be used in conjunction with the access audit to look at the accessibility of a venue and can also be used to develop accessible and equitable seating and ticketing.

Venue Access Audit

This checklist is a simple and easy to use access audit that allows you to evaluate the accessibility of your own space and to assist you in prioritising where changes are needed. Work through the audit and respond to the questions to identify any areas where you may have access concerns. The information can be summarised to give visitors an overview of the access of your space. The access audit can also be used as a tool in staff training to help staff understand the needs of visitors with disabilities.

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