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First Step, Awakenings Festival

‘Presenting the Virgin Sacrifice’, First Step, Awakenings Festival

Arts Access Victoria works in partnership with the arts sector to increase access to the arts for all Victorians and to eliminate the inequalities that exist for many people with a disability who wish to participate in arts and culture. Both our Arts Program and Access Program offer a range of presentations, training and consultancies to the arts sector.

Arts Access Victoria provides a range of inclusive arts training to meet the specific needs of people who work in the arts. We are the only organisation providing arts focussed training in Victoria that engages the arts industry / community in being inclusive of people with a disability within their programs and events. Our inclusive arts training program is delivered by trainers with a disability and is tailored to a range of arts industry settings.

Training for Artists & Arts Workers

We have developed training to help artists and arts workers gain a better understanding of how to facilitate inclusive creative arts for people with a disability.

This training provides:

  • A general introduction to the legal context – the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and how it relates to arts and disability.
  • An overview of current best practice models of inclusive creative arts
  • Innovative visual and performing arts techniques to ensure people with disabilities are included in art making and arts programs

Training for Arts Industry

The Access Program has developed specific training workshops to assist the arts industry provide improved services to audience members with a disability.

This type of training provides:

  • An overview of  current legislation, appropriate language and interacting with patrons who have a range of different disabilities.
  • Problem solving to reduce existing barriers to access at venues, festival and events.

Customised Training Specific to Your Needs

We can customise training by combining a range of components from the following list to best suit the requirements for specific arts applications.

Session components:

  • General disability awareness: an insight into barriers facing people with disabilities in their daily lives
  • Inclusive creative arts training for artists and arts workers – modelling techniques for adaptable and innovative art making
  • A legal context – understanding the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and how it applies to artists, arts organisations, venues etc
  • Accessible ticketing and seating services
  • Disability friendly customer service – communicating with patrons who have a range of different disabilities
  • Accessible exhibitions and events – understanding the basics for accessible exhibits and events for visitors with disabilities
  • Effective information provision for patrons with disabilities – includes web access and accessible publications. Introduction to accessible formats and simple language versions for information materials
  • Accessible marketing and promotion
  • Developing Disability Action Plans

Session Content and Resources

Sessions include interactive discussion, inclusive creative arts demonstrations, DVD screenings and power point presentations.

A basic information kit, which includes: an outlining of the training content and useful resources – DVDs, publications and websites.

Training can be specifically created for a variety of staff:

  • Artists / Arts workers
  • Tutors / Instructors
  • Local government workers
  • Front-of-house staff
  • Project managers
  • Access coordinators
  • Information officers / Visitor services officers
  • Volunteers


Access Program Training
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