Living Art #2

20 December 2012


LOGO Living Art - Nov 2012

LOGO Living Art

Living Art issue 2

This month:

Profile delves into the paintings, pictures, photos and poetry of Werribee’sRomany FireStar Latham

Teagan Connor talks exclusively to mum Deb and Akash about the story behind ‘The Rainbow Guardians’

Emma Norton actor (BoilOver Theatre) shares her presentation at the Accessible Arts National Arts Conference last month

Streets are alive: Butterfly Hands poem and dance workshops come alive in Geelong.

Wyndham PopUps inflatable art program. Shoeless shows their second instalment in Wyndham

and then there was me asks “who is ‘an expert’when it comes to arts and disability?”

“Deaf and Disabled Arts Network” by Kath Duncan canvasses the formation of DDaRt

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2 Responses to “Living Art #2”

  1. Geoffrey Gerard Scott says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am profoundly deaf and artist.
    I am feeling difficult communicate hearings artists. And some interpreter ‘Auslan’.
    I have not learning for website.
    I learning class English grammar and studying Bible.
    Geoffrey G Scott (Bachelor of Arts)

  2. admin says:

    Hi Geoffrey,

    Thanks for your comment. If you email Ross from the Deaf Arts Network, he will be able to give you more information:



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