Wyndham City Council

Access for All Abilities is funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria through the Department of Planning and Community Development. The program aims to promote positive community values, by providing opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in sport and recreation activities.

A dedicated Access for All Abilities Coordinator is located within each local Government area (LGA) of Victoria. Each AAA program works with a variety of community and sports organisations. YMCA Victoria delivers the program in the:
- City of Melbourne
- City of Wyndham
- Shire of Yarra Ranges

Your local AAA provider works with local sport and recreation clubs and associations, state sporting associations, recreation and leisure facilities, and individuals and families to provide support and information.

MetroAccess Officer:  Marianne Hutcheson 9205 5414 mattiazn@yarracity.vic.gov.au

Contact Details

Based at Werribee Sports and Fitness Centre, 35 Ballan Road, Werribee
Western Region
(03) 9742 5630
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